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Altun Ha

A classic Maya site, Altun Ha "Water of the Rock" is known as a Ceremonial  and Trading Center. Discovered here is the largest carved Jade Head, also found here are 2 plazas with 5 major Temples, and a middle class residential zone. Temple architecture designs symbolize the 13 levels of heaven and 9 levels of the Underworld. the Temples staircases are flanked with huge mask of gods. Excavations revealed rich finding in these red painted priestly tombs, mosaic jade mask, flint tools, obsidian points, modified elongated human skulls, vessels used in blood offering rituals and carved manatee bones. Go to the top of the Sun Temple where you will see the Sacrificial Altar and a panoramic view across the land.

tour time from Belize City 4 hours

includes park admissions, city tour, maya site tour, round trip transportation

other tour option

Altun Ha Tour and Cucumber Beach relax time 

includes both activity park fees, 2 hours beach time, round trip transportation, guided Maya site tour.

tour time 5.5 hours