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Cahal  Pech

The Royal Palaces at Cahal Pech

the site of Cahal Pech sits atop of a hill near the center of San Ignacio Town, this preclassic site offers a unique look back at the lifestyle of this community through the artifacts found here and that are on display at the Cahal Pech visitors center, the mosaic jade mask, skeleton remains, clay vessels, incense burners are among many displays, a very short walk 100 feet away is the main square surrounded by temples, and whilst passing near them you then enter the small little plaza that lies at the base of the high temple, and expertly guided you enter the residential area, visited by Queen Elizabeth II, descend the staircases, note in the indoor pool, drainage systems, high corbel arches and the large beds, a flash back , to the lifestyle of the Royal Family that once ruled this land.

tour time 5 hours

includes round trip transportation, visitor museum , park fees, guided tour